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Attending a World Cup Game in Russia

Attending a World Cup game was an unexpected benefit of our 2018 journey that we were blessed to be able to accomplish.

Hot Take: Going to the World Cup is bigger than sports and a must do for those that have the opportunity. (4.0 stars)

Pro Tip: Buying a cheaper ticket is fine (there are no bad seats in these stadiums) and the best fans are in the nose-bleed section.

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Summer Days in Saint Petersburg

As the playground for Russia’s gilded monarchy, Saint Petersburg was purpose built to demonstrate that Russia had arrived as a European power.

Hot Take: The only city in Russia we would want to visit again, Saint Petersburg’s charm is undeniable, and its history unfolds around every corner. (4.0 stars)

Pro Tip: Restaurants are cheap (by Western standards) and full of delightful foods (just make sure you leave 2+ hours to eat because service is SLOW).

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