Full Moon and Sea Cliffs on Nusa Lembongan

Matt and Kelly at Cliff Park, Indonesia. boldlygotravel.com

Featuring individual bungalows perched on dramatic cliffs with an infinity pool to drool over, Cliff Park proves that even mid-range hotels can be spectacular.

hot take: Cliff Park is a gem of a 3-star accommodation that proves you don’t have to spend a ton to get something amazing. (4.0 stars)

pro tip: Book well ahead of time Cliff Park is regularly sold out.

It is expected that a 5-star resort costing many hundreds of dollars a night will deliver something divine, but we also try to seek out mid-range places that have a wow factor as well. We don’t usually post about our lodgings (unless they are over the top) but Cliff Park on Nusa Lembongan is a gem of a place that represents the best (and worst) of the places where we usually stay when we want something special (but at a reasonable price). Set at the end of a bone-jarringly bumpy road on the western coast of Nusa Lembongan where you can draw uninterrupted lines to Australia, Antarctica, and Africa through the Indian Ocean, Cliff Park is not a luxury resort but for $60 per night delivered one of the most memorable stays of SE Asia.

Drone shot of Cliff Park or sunset point on Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia. boldlygotravel.com
View from bungalow at Cliff Park in Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia. boldlygotravel.com

Cliff Park is a collection of bungalows, restaurant, and pool located on cliffs about 10 stories above the Indian Ocean. While our bungalow had views of the bay and we slept to the sounds of the roaring ocean waves crashing against the rock, the highlight of the property is the infinity pool. We were lucky enough to be at the property for the full moon, so the wave action was especially high…but this pool would impress even the most well-traveled pool aficionado (and we have it entirely to ourselves 80% of the time).

Sitting at Cliff Park Infinity pool as the tidal waves hit the sea wall below. boldlygotravel.com

While this virtually private pool made for an unreal experience at this price point, this is a 3-star resort in rural Indonesia, so there were some knocks. The roads in/out were awful (you have to endure 10 minutes of bone shaking before you get to the main road), the AC unit was so under-powered (and the bungalow so poorly insulated) that you have to open the door to catch the breeze, the en-suite bathroom was actually down 4 stairs from the bedroom behind the bedroom (see: Kelly's 4:00a bathroom trip), and one day there was a 2" scorpion on said stairs (nothing a sandal couldn't fix, but certainly gives you something to think about for your next trip to the bathroom).

But going outside our comfort zones is part of the thrill of travel for us. So a super comfortable bed and all the charm/wow factor we could want make Cliff Park the perfect kind of place for travelers like us. Cliff Park sets the bar for reasonably priced accommodation for us and we would stay here again in heartbeat (and recommend it to most people). But know that to stay at Cliff Park (or to travel with us) you need a bit of an adventurous spirit to really enjoy the experience.

Waves during full moon hitting the sea cliff wall of Nusa Lembongan. boldlygotravel.com