4 Highlights of Marvelous Melbourne

Melbourne is an absolute delight for locals and visitors alike.

Hot Take: Melbourne is a great place to spend a weekend, a week, or a lifetime (we could see ourselves living here). (4.0 stars)

Pro Tip: Dress in layers as the weather changes quickly here.

Marvelous Melbourne, Australia. boldlygotravel.com

Melbourne is a tremendous city of culture, food, and art. Projected to become Australia’s largest city in the next decade, ~5 million Melburnians live in the largest southernmost city in the world. While we only got a small sample of Melbourne’s offerings in our 5 days there, the city left a lasting impression on us. We hope you blaze your own path through the city, but here are our top highlights from our time there.

#1 – Foods

While great food is everywhere in Melbourne, our favorite foods were in the unique open-air alleys (Melburnians call them ‘laneways’). Only created in the past decades as property use reforms encourages urban development, master chefs meet hipsters and foodies in these quirky, on-trend eateries. We ate in Hardware Lane and Flinders Court guided only by our nose and the results were spectacular.

#2 – Sights/Architecture

To make the most of our limited time in the city, we took a ‘free’ walking tour from I’m Free Walking Tours. It was one of the best decisions that we made since we covered so much ground in so little time. One night while in Melbourne, you should also try to make your way to see the small fairy penguin colony at St Kilda pier (the penguins come ashore after sunset, but no photos since the flash disorients them).

#3 – Markets

The Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne is massive. boldlygotravel.com

Shopping is certainly a great part of visiting Melbourne. While the higher end stores are the same as you will find in most metropolises, the open-air Queen Victoria Market was such a pleasant juxtaposition to the often-filthy conditions of the markets of SE Asia.

#4 – Street Art

Melbourne’s alleyways are full of world-class caliber street art. Featuring internationally renowned artists as well as local savants, the murals bring life to the nooks and crannies of the city in places that are usually overlooked. With artists continually painting over older works, each trip brings a new and fresh perspective.