Two Days in Plovdiv

Plovdiv, Bulgaria was everything we were hoping for in our Balkans sojourn, all rolled into one adorable little town and we'll tell you how to have the perfect day there.

Hot Take: Plovdiv is the kinda place you would picture if you closed your eyes and imagined a picturesque Bulgarian town…but in real life it is even better than that. (4.5 stars)

Pro Tip: Stay in the Kapana Area in the city center for the best blend of convenience and local flavor.

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Attending a World Cup Game in Russia

Attending a World Cup game was an unexpected benefit of our 2018 journey that we were blessed to be able to accomplish.

Hot Take: Going to the World Cup is bigger than sports and a must do for those that have the opportunity. (4.0 stars)

Pro Tip: Buying a cheaper ticket is fine (there are no bad seats in these stadiums) and the best fans are in the nose-bleed section.

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Summer Days in Saint Petersburg

As the playground for Russia’s gilded monarchy, Saint Petersburg was purpose built to demonstrate that Russia had arrived as a European power.

Hot Take: The only city in Russia we would want to visit again, Saint Petersburg’s charm is undeniable, and its history unfolds around every corner. (4.0 stars)

Pro Tip: Restaurants are cheap (by Western standards) and full of delightful foods (just make sure you leave 2+ hours to eat because service is SLOW).

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Paradise Found at Anantara Veli Resort Maldives

24 hours of bliss in an over the water bungalow on a private resort island in the Maldives, Anatara Veli Resort checked a major bucket list item for us.

Hot Take: Very spendy, but truly a paradise on earth…do it if you can! (5 stars)

Pro Tip: Make sure you understand the transportation logistics as seaplanes and speed boats can add many, many hundreds of dollars to your trip cost.

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Scenes from Sydney

Sydney is Australia’s top urban draw for good reason, blending culture, food, and history into a modern metropolis.

Hot Take: Visiting Sydney is a must-do in Australia…we even loved it so much that we would consider living there. (4.0 stars)

Pro Tip: Take a trip on one of the numerous ferries (they’re cheap and will take you to interesting places), since you haven’t quite experienced Sydney until you’ve done it from the water.

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Practical Advice for Sydney's Blue Mountains

A daytrip to the Blue Mountains is a great way to connect with nature and see an impressive collection of Australia’s native eucalyptus trees.

Hot Take: If you’ve already been to the beach and Hunter Valley but are still looking for a Sydney daytrip, then the Blue Mountains are a great way to see Australia’s natural beauty. (3.5 stars)

Pro Tip: Go on a weekday to avoid the crowds and don’t overlook seeing the charming town of Katoomba.

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