The Naked Truth About Nudey Beach and the Great Barrier Reef

Every visitor to Australia should to see the Great Barrier Reef; however, the decision to visit the inner reef or outer reef depends on goals, budget, and swimming ability.

Hot Take: Maybe a bit overhyped as an experience, exploring the Great Barrier Reef was our reason to come to Australia and checked off a major bucket list item. (4.5 stars)

Pro Tip: Watch the weather for a calm day, the experience changes dramatically based on the conditions.

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Penguins Roadtrip to Phillip Island

A lovely drive to the rural Australian seaside, Phillip Island delivers everything you could hope for in a perfect daytrip.

Hot Take: The penguins are the highlight, but our trip to Phillip Island was the best day of our 2 months in Australia. (5.0 stars)

Pro Tip: Check the weather (you will be outside all day) and go on a weekday to avoid the crowds.

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5 Tricks for a Memorable Great Ocean Road Experience

The Great Ocean Road is amazing, but your experience can be even better by employing a few tricks.

hot take: No visit to Melbourne is complete without a trip down the Great Ocean Road; while it is a long day, you will have memories of it forever. (4.5 stars)

pro tip: pack your patience and a water bottle, the distances are great but worth it.

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Sashaying Our Way Through Saigon

We didn’t enter Saigon with great expectations, but, if you can dial your filter correctly, you might have the fun time here that we did.

hot take: Saigon was our favorite of the two major Vietnamese cities as we loved the more modern and progressive take on development here. (3.0 stars)
pro tip: Download Grab before you get here or you will be at a loss to move about effectively

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Crawling Through History at the Chu Ci Tunnels

A weapon of a not-to-distant war, the Chu Ci Tunnels remind visitors of the hells of warfare in an engaging way that is sure to leave an impact.

Hot take: A top highlight for Matt in Vietnam, touring the tunnels is fairly cheap ($20 each for the tour) and a MUST for any Westerner (as not just Americans have been involved in overseas imperialism). (4.5 stars)

Pro tip: To get the most out of the tour, try to empathize with the soldiers on both sides of the conflict to experience the site as it was (as opposed to just walking through it as though it were a theme park).

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