About US

Kelly and Matt love travel and really fell in love with each other while traveling. Since early in their relationship, they both wanted to live abroad and, since getting married in 2015, that wanderlust had only grown stronger. For 2018, they were finally able to put their dream into motion as they have embarked on spending a year on foreign soils, seeing and tasting as much of the world as they can while working as digital nomads for their very understanding employers.

Matt - He's the researching, budgeting, planning, spreadsheet-making analytical brains behind the pair. Before he met Kelly, he had traveled to several countries and found that his planning style paid dividends in lowered costs but also higher value, especially by avoiding areas that most would call tourist traps. He currently works remotely for a couple start up companies and is thrilled to have the opportunity to 'digitally commute' while traveling.

Kelly - She's always thinking creatively and looking for the next best thing she's tasted. Always willing for a spontaneous adventure as long as she knows how to dress appropriately. As more of the communications director of the pair, she discovers new thrills and authentic experiences for the two while not looking to deep into what other reviewers have to say. Along with Matt, she works as a digital nomad and is enjoying the freedom it is giving the two to go on micro-adventures in between work projects.

Boldly Go Travel was created by the couples sense of exploration and adventure. They both grew up as fans of Star Trek - and the phrase "to boldly go where no man has gone before" fueled their wanderlust spirit as children. As adults, they have traveled to over twelve countries together (Kelly - 30 countries before turning 30 and Matt - 20). Now, the mission has changed - they have left their life of comfort for a year, seeking out new experiences in locations they have never visited. We boldly go and will report our encounters here.


Kelly and Matt at Kawasan falls in Cebu, Philippines.